Four years ago..

Can you remember what you were doing on this day four years ago? I can, let me tell you about it…

Today, four years ago, I was enduring my first day as a support worker and little did I know I was going to meet four incredible people who were going to completely change my life.

I am a trained dancer and had just returned from Spain – Mallorca as a holiday rep. I was looking for something to fulfil my ever changing future plans and clear my debts caused by partying a little too hard and getting paid a little too less.

My mum had been in care for 20 years and has a few contacts she like any other mum wanted me to be in a stable job and hopefully never leave the country again. I knew I nailed the interview as talking the talk was always a strong point of mine.

As I began my first shift – 8am until 3pm (early) I couldn’t help but think just how lucky I was. Can you imagine having to wait for someone to go to the toilet? Can you imagine being busting to wee and having to face that embarrassment because they just didn’t get their quick enough?

I couldn’t either but these special four people would eventually allow me into their lives to understand some of the day to day things they faced and how much they relied on their support.